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Making Rogak

Here I show you the process of making Rogak. I have always liked dragons and when they gave me the opportunity to make a free character I did not think much of it and chose a dragon.

First we start by making the concept of the character. In this case it was related to the set.

After the first concept I sketched the dragon design.

The next step was to make a prototype. After making this prototype I realized that I wanted to make a bigger character so that it could serve as a frame for other characters. So I made a new prototype.

I liked the size in this prototype better, but its head had lost the shape it had in the first prototype, so I immediately did another.

From this prototype I considered the measurements in order to be able to make the skeleton.

This is the model with the exact measurements onto which the skeletal parts are put in order to have the exact length and thickness.

In the case of this character I had to make the wings on a separate sheet because of their length.

With the design measurements I made the hard parts like the chest and hip in balsa wood and the other parts with wire.

During the next step of the process I added the head, wings and bones made of jumping clay to facilitate the animation. The wings and head are made with connecting parts so that they can be replaced if they break.

After adding the bones I began to fill Rogak with cotton wool respecting the holes of the connections. When the cotton wool was the right volume, I covered it with hospital bandage.

Once it was covered in bandage I began to paint it with liquid watercolors. I also made the head with jumping clay.

The second entry shows the final result.

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